Some of the Advantages and Facilities of Migrating to VOIP

A latest “spin offs” of business telecommunication method is IP PBX such as Yeastar s20 IP PBX. This system allows the companies of small and medium size to have a complicated phone system with no need to invest in telephony equipment. In actual fact, the whole telephone system is maintained and operated by the service provider with or without the provision of Voice over IP (VoIP) services. A hosted IP PBX allows employees to work in or out of office (home, hotel, airport, etc.) via IP phones, notebooks, computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. There are not any more barriers just having internet connectivity. With Yeastar s50 PBX System, a latest PBX system, you can have many functions enabled according to your needs and pay for only the facilities used.

Benefits of this IP PBX system

There are many benefits to using Yeastar s50 PBX System versus general telephone service or even buying this IP PBX hosted system in the company itself.

  • Saving Initial Costs – You don’t have to make a big initial investment to purchase an office phone system.
  • Ongoing Cost Reduction – On the whole, implementation of Yeastar s50 PBX System is significantly lower than a general PBX, other than the initial saving on capital expenditures.
  • Flexibility / Geographic Mobility – It can be used by household employees, other offices / branches, cell phones, notebooks and even abroad.
  • Local Presence – Enables you to get local phone numbers in areas wherever they aren’t physically located, enabling you to create a virtual presence, for example opening a virtual corporate office in other city to attend calls from local customers.
  • Credibility – For small companies, this IP PBX system can give instant credibility through facilities such as: integrated voicemail, music wait, call redirection, missed call warning, etc.